Here is a list of warnings and disclaimers regarding using uPesy products and tutorials available on the learn.upesy.com website. The purpose is to remind you of the context for using the tutorials proposed and uPesy products and the potential hazards of electricity in general so that you can have fun in complete safety while knowing the risks.

Targeted audience

Since you are responsible for your actions, you must be of legal age (> 18 years old): uPesy products and tutorials are not intended for children’s use. People working with the uPesy products must be trained in electronics and follow good engineering practices.


uPesy Electronics can not be held responsible for any damage (human, animal or material) due to following a proposed tutorial. If you decide to do something by following one of the tutorials, you are responsible for what you do. In general, the rule “You do, so you are responsible” applies to all the tutorials offered by uPesy Electronics and must be understood by all.

Some illustrative photos do not show safety precautions or devices to show the project steps more clearly. It is also your responsibility to ensure that your activities comply with applicable laws. Therefore, uPesy Electronics can not be held responsible for using some tutorials for fraudulent or malicious purposes .

uPesy products

The products sold by uPesy Electronics are intended to be used for prototyping, research or educational purposes. These are neither toys nor finished products dedicated to the general use of consumers and daily use in the home. As a result, they are not certified for this use .In addition, even if uPesy Electronics makes sure that its products work correctly, the proper functioning of products sold for intensive and long-term use can not be guaranteed.

People manipulating products must be trained in electronics training and follow good engineering practices. As such, products supplied are not intended to be complete in terms of protection required for design, marketing and/or manufacturing.

Please note that errors in handling and wired connections are exceeding the control of uPesy Electronics. Therefore, the use of instructions, products, kits, projects and suggestions on upesy.com is at your own risk . uPesy Electronics disclaims all liability for any damage or injury resulting therefrom.

Electronics risks

Power tools, electricity and other resources used for these projects are hazardous if not used properly, with adequate precautions and safety equipment.

For example, you can accidentally start a fire, burn yourself by touching a component, damage electronic devices by immediate contact, damage your electronic devices by magnetic fields, etc …

The uPesy products operate on very low voltage (<5V), which strongly reduces these risks. However, you may use higher voltages in your projects. uPesy strongly advises not to handle mains voltages (230 V) during electronics projects. As a reminder, devices operating with a 35 V or higher voltage should only be handled by an experienced technician.

This INRS file recalls the dangerousness of electricity and the precautions to be taken: https://www.inrs.fr/risques/electriques/ce-qu-il-faut-retenir.html